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With only two rounds of matches remaining for conclusion of the the Zimbabwean Castle lager League,trouble is looming on the number of teams to be relegated and promoted.

The Zimbabwean top tier league The  Premier Soccer League,Zimbabwean’s top tier could have four teams relegated instead of two teams after  a ZIFA Assembly resolution made on Saturday is anything to go by

This decision conflicts an earlier agreement to only have two teams relegated and another two promoted.

Four teams from the lower tier are scheduled to meet in a promotion play off to get the two teams to join the PSL,but this could take another twist as the body mandated to run the play offs has chickened away citing lack of funds.

PSL,the body that was suppose to finance the play off have said they don’t have the necessary funds to stage the play off with this action sparking  a rebellion amongst regional representatives  who have decided to move a motion  to reverse last years resolution of promoting two teams.

As it stands now four teams will gain promotion to the top tier.

All the PSL councilors including their chair Peter Dube voted to have two teams relegated but they were overpowered  in numbers by the other 24 of the lower tier who opted to reverse to the old format.

ZIFA President Philip Chiyangwa said he will try and mend  bridges between PSL leadership and  the councilors to ensure  that this conflict does not bring the National game into  disrepute.

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