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Two Parallel Leagues In Kenya? Someone Is Obviously In Dreamland

Two Parallel Leagues In Kenya? Someone Is Obviously In Dreamland

nyamweaBy Frederick Nadulli aka Razor,

With the calendar fast approaching and teams limbering up for the 2015 football season,the biblical devil is in the details for the umpteenth time. While all involved are busy tying up loose ends in anticipation, busy bodies are running helter skelter throwing spanners into the works.


Following the FKF and KPL negotiations that reached an impasse, both sides have decided to have separate leagues that will run concurrently.
As was the case in 2008 when KPL came into existence after persistent blackmail by FKF, the country cannot help feeling a sense of deja vu.
When it comes to theatrics and sideshows,Kenyan football certainly has some high ranking professionals.
Football Kenya Federation (FKF) have tentatively set their kick-off date for February fourteenth.And as the body mandated by FIFA to manage football affairs,have warned any other parties of ‘dire consequences’ should they try to rival them.As bait,and an added incentive,they have promised participating teams Ksh.9 million each per season,” 3 million more than our competitors offer “, besides other goodies. It remains to be seen how many clubs will take this hook,line and sinker.
Kenyan Premier League (KPL) meanwhile have set their date at twenty first of February.Following the collapsed talks,they have ‘moved on’ and will kick off the league ” with or without the blessings of FKF “. Interesting times indeed.
Those who are familiar with the dynamics of Kenyan football coupled with the modus operandi of both camps can easily tell which team is trying to hoodwink the masses. Even academy youngsters know who is pulling the wool over their little eyes. While both sides have flaws of their own,one is sadly rotten to the core and stinks to high heavens.Only goodness knows what the future holds should some people have their way.
Public opinion strongly suggests the status quo should remain and KPL run a 16- team league.However, a small cabal is hellbent on staging a palace coup and introducing a bloated 18-team championship. Vested interests if you ask me. Gladly, as a democratic society with varied opinions, the minority may have their say and the majority their way, no one can be denied that right.


Still, the country is wise enough to see through this smokescreen.Some names have been around for generations with little progress, if any.

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