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What is happening between Andrea Silva,BetKing and FKF ?

What is happening between Andrea Silva,BetKing and FKF ?

This week Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa shared some good news with Kenyan clubs with sentiments that Nigerian Betting firm BetKing will be the new title sponsors of the yet to be launched FKFPL replacing Kenyan Premier League.

However has endeavoured to understand the deal brewing in details and this is what we found out after talking to key stakeholders involved in the new development.

First its important to understand that Andrea Silva is not a sponsor neither does he own BetKing, what is happening is that Andrea Silva wants FKF to sign off Rights to his company which will inturn approach potential sponsors to buy the Rights at a fee, from which he will earn 6% Commission.

As Andea Silva solicits for a Rights buyer he puts his money as a guarantee for gullible and desperate FAs and clubs, who end up signing off Rights for a pittance.

This explains why he insists that all the clubs in the Kenyan Premier league must sign off upfront inorder to enable him hawk the Rights.

Andrea Silva first played the game with FKF under then President Sam Nyamweya in 2015, as he was desperate to win the favour of Kpl clubs ahead of the elections then, but when the clubs refused to sign,Nyamweya went on and formed FKF PL and purpotedly turned the then NSL clubs into the FKF PL.

The guaranteed funds were disbursed once with the clubs getting paid for just three months before the lucrative deal was called off.

Nick Mwendwa whose team Kariobangi Sharks was amongst the clubs which were playing in FKF PL then was the chairman of the caucus of the clubs then.

When Andrea realised that Fkf could not cajole the Kpl Clubs, hence FKF PL had no value that could attract confidence of the sponsors he stopped the contract.

The same Andrea Silva tried to pull another deal between Kpl and Radio Africa which ended up in a nasty way with the matter ending up in Court where Andrea had demanded to be paid his commission despite the deal failing to take off.

The analogy is clear not all that glitters is Gold and stakeholders will have to wait and see what is in the dotted lines to be assured it’s not another pipe dream.


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