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The issue of Zesco United and Nkana

The challenge the Zambian teams are facing in the CAF Confederation Cup and the Champions League has nothing to do with the players or rather the coaches but it’s purely the EXCOs.

I will exempt Zanaco on this bracket and you may choose to read my indepth thought on Zanaco on a separate post.


This team will be eliminated from the CAF Confederation Cup first round after the second leg and this is purely failure to get players that were needed in the team.

Donashano void was to big to fill in and his exit caught them by surprise. The thought of thinking he has played his football for long and his mind is with Nkana was so much on the EXCO. You need to do that on paper and not on verbal communication.

The team struggled at the back in 2017 season and after qualifying for CAF games… You don’t bolster the defence and if you do it’s with players that are getting into CAF for the first time. That was a serious oversight.

Concentration on Larry Bwalya

It was becoming evident that the most wanted midfielder was not going to be let free by Power Dynamos and all Nkana could do was to hope for the best because the player was interested. The writings were clear to see and with the transfer window still open, more vigorous search for players was vital.

I doubted the team but the PR was excellent making fans believe all was in order and the team was ready for CAF.

Administrative wise , traveling and logistics has been top notch but player acquisition is what is eliminating this team from the CAF tours .

The bridge is too far….


You don’t keep a coach in suspense all this time and especially a coach who knows am warming a seat for someone. That is the biggest undoing.

Zesco United had enough time to decide on the coach after the 2017 season.

Immediately I saw TC talk about his uncertainties on Soccer Africa, I realised their was trouble in Ndola.

I won’t talk about the Justin Mumba exit from the EXCO as that is inevitable everywhere though I don’t agree with timings.

The reason Zesco United will drop into Confederation Cup this time around is the mishandling of the technical bench.

Just as Nkana, the bridge is too far and the lucky part for Zesco United compared to that of Nkana is their passage into CAF Confederation Cup.

Am not Seeing this team eliminating Asec Mimosas.

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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