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Division One Zone Three will be decided this afternoon as both Real Nakonde and Prison Leopards who play in Kapiri and Kabwe respectively.

Frank Miti, coach of Prison Leopards is only thinking of one result and that is a win.

“We are beating Mpande academy and qualifying to the Super League Bwezani,” said Miti. Very confident and when asked if he was worried of what will be happening in Kapiri, Frank Miti responds:

“We are only concentrating on our game and not any other games and we shall make sure we score as many goals as possible to go through,” concluded Miti.

And Charles Silwimba, a Real Nakonde fan is optimistic that his team will make it even when they were playing away from home.

“Express are no longer the team that started the season and they have had serious problems that we shall expose to outscore Prison Leopards and win zone three, it’s very possible,” said Silwimba.

Prison Leopards and Real Nakonde are both on 67 points with both on 36 goal difference before the last games of the season. The only difference between the two teams is on conceded and forced. The forced goals favor Prison Leopards who have 47 goals with Real Nakonde on 46.

Real Nakonde play Tazara Express in Nakonde and Prison Leopards are at home to Mpande Youth Soccer Academy.

Follower of the Zambian game!!!!!

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